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AUGUST 20, 2021

Dear Reflections Homeowner: 
Our office has performed the preliminary deed restriction evaluation this week. The intention of this evaluation is not to enforce, but to evaluate the exterior condition of each property and notify all homeowners of general deed restriction concerns noted. We would like to give you some time to take action if you see that any of the following items pertain to your property, before formal individual notices are generated. Our first official deed restriction inspection will take place in September, at which time we will begin sending formal notices to homeowners pertaining to any deed restriction concerns. 

  • Landscaping
    • Prune trees/shrubs
    • Weed beds
    • Remove dead trees (including palm trees)/shrubs
  • Clean gutters
  • Fence maintenance required (loose or missing pickets or leaning fences)
  • Mildew on brick/siding
  • Holiday lights or decorations
  • Miscellaneous items (coolers, chairs, toys, etc.)
  • Unapproved signs or decorations

 If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the management company at (713)776-1771. 
MASC Austin Properties, Inc. 
Rachel Rivera
Property Manager

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